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Settling In…

Lots of changes: where do we go for groceries? Who will be our friends? Will Liem like his new workplace? Will I be able to navigate all the stairs to get to the skytrain when I’m 9 months pregnant??

IMG_8408Usual traffic jam outside our apartment building

Exciting and scary.

We know we are blessed with an amazing start: My pregnant 16+ hour flight from NYC to Hong Kong was bearable, my amazing husband rubbed my back and helped me stretch in the back of the plane every few hours. All while he was sick.

The apartment is amazing: a condo that couldn’t sell, so the owner furnished and rented it to us at a very low price. We are the first occupants, had to take the plastic off the furniture and electronics.

My cousin and his wife have been such a valuable asset to us, showing us the ropes and giving us tips for settling in, and baby advice. They know what we are going through, since they temporarily relocated to Texas a few years ago.

IMG_8265My baby bump at 27 1/2 weeks.

Went to see my new obstetrician yesterday. I was very happy with his knowledge and bedside manners. Very thorough and took his time answering ALL my questions. I know Baby Nguyen will be taken care of. Hospital facilities were amazing! Health care in Thailand is top notch.

Because Liem was getting over a cold, and we were both jet lagged, Liem and I had a lot of time to think. We rely on each other at a whole new level, since it will be just us two for a while as we try to build community.

As we look back on our time in NYC, we think of all the milestones: getting married, amazing friends, amazing church, growing and maturing, The Blind Project… And especially the last few weeks before moving, all the friends who rallied around us, sending us off in love and prayer, family time in Texas. It was a lot to handle emotionally.

We are excited to see what’s in store for us here in BKK.



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Back in Bangkok

Just to update everyone, we are back in Bangkok… this time, we’re living here.

It was very difficult leaving New York because of the history we’ve had there with friends. Lots of friends. It was also tough because my parents made a last minute trip to the city to be with us on our final week in the city. Saying goodbye to friends is one thing and saying goodbye to parents is another. Two difficult blows left me emotionally drained. Below are a few photos snapped from the skies.

The Empire State Building. A place I will always remember as the spot where me, Won, Jimmy, and Andy would meet every Wednesday morning at 7:30 am to sit, pray, and encourage one another.

a few photos shot from the skies of NY

We will miss New York. The city. The people. And without question, we will miss our families. We plan to be in Bangkok for a couple of years as I received a job offer as a Creative Director at Lowe (a large ad agency). While I’m at work, Downy will be volunteering with NightLight – an organization that helps disadvantaged and abused women and children.

Bangkok feels familiar to us because we’ve been here a few times before, but most recently 8 months ago in February. We are living in the Sathorn district (it’s like the business area) of Bangkok. We’re fortunate to have found our apartment- a fully furnished 2 bedroom. But most importantly, it is literally next door to my work so I can rush home quick if Downy needs me. And, oh yeah, she will probably need me at some point because we’re expecting our first kid! Our son (it’s a boy!) is due right around December 23rd.

Anyways, I start work in 3 weeks (October 12) so we are just getting used to the city here, the culture, and the language. We know that there will be some tough times but we’re in it together. Downy will be my best friend because she is the only person I will be able to communicate with in English. So, that’s it. We’re starting back at zero trying to find community, church, and baby supplies.

Thanks for reading this & thanks for your support.


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