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img_06441Just to update all of you. We are part of a non profit called The Blind Project (theblindproject.com) and are going to Southeast Asia to help rescued victims of human / sex trafficking.

As an optometrist in New York, Downy has been going door to door and offering eye exams to homebound patients around the city. We decided it would be great to try to do this also while we are in Asia. So we are planning to visit various orphanages and safehouses and offer FREE eye exams to all the women and children. As soon as we announced our plan we sent out an email to all the optometrists that we knew to see if we could receive any type of assistance to accomplish this mission.

Within the last two weeks, doors have opened. We received over 1,000 eye glass frames for free from the Helen Keller Institute and a large donation from a company to provide lenses. The photos pictured are just a small handful of the glasses we’ve received. The not so fun part is collecting the inventory (counting, numbering, organizing).

Ok, we’re off to drop off some of the frames to a lens maker now.

See you later,






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